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For a personalised service
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We can help your garden grow!

At Stefan's Mowing, we can help to get your garden looking amazing, with our complete garden maintenance services in Wagga Wagga and surrounds. Whether you want us to help you create a unique garden or want to cut down on the time you spend tending to your existing garden, Stefan's Mowing's professional garden maintenance team in Wagga Wagga can have your yard looking lush and green.

Personalised gardening

Stefan's Mowing understands that life is hectic and sometimes you just don’t have the time to spend tending to your garden. That’s where we come in. Our gardening specialists can do all the jobs that you don’t have time for. From weeding, to pruning, lawn care and landscaping - we can do it all. If you’re in Wagga Wagga, call Stefan's Mowing for comprehensive gardening services today.

Lawn mowing

If you live in a small property you may not have much grass or the need for a mower. Stefan's Mowing can drop in and quickly mow your lawn on a basis that suits you. Alternatively, you may have a large property that takes you hours to mow. Let us do it fast and effectively with our ride-on mower. An edged lawn will make your garden look neat and clean. It's all part of our garden maintenance services at Stefan's Mowing.


Whether you want to put in new lawn, create new garden beds, or make yourself a vegetable patch, herb garden or a hardy, sustainable garden, Stefan's Mowing can help you make it a reality! We can with every stage of designing and planting your new garden. Create a space that you will love to entertain and relax in – call us today to discuss what services meet your requirements.

Yard clean ups

Sometimes you need help after a massive overhaul of your garden or yard, we can provide an efficient and prompt lawn clean up and rubbish removal service! Your property will be left sparkling clean after we're done with it, to ensure your post project clean-up is completely hassle free. Call us today to discuss any rubbish removal or yard clean ups you need.


Stefan's Mowing can help your plants to look their best and encourage healthy growth. Pruning is important to allow light and air to your plants, removing dead or diseased wood and for showing off your plants' features. Our garden maintenance team will be able to help and advise on the best ways to care for your plants in Wagga Wagga.

Weed Spraying

Do you have weeds ruining your lawn and gardens? We can provide a fantastic weed spraying service to ensure your lawn and garden are weed free and healthy. If your area has a problem with reoccurring weeds, we can schedule a regular maintenance to ensure your property is kept weed free. Give us a call today.

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